Easy Optins with Holler Box for WordPress

Creating Popups on your website can be a pain in the neck, or expensive. The can also be annoying if they distract your website visitors from the task they’re trying to complete. However, Holler Box for WordPress sets out to fix all of that.

What is Holler Box?

Holler Box is a new WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add newsletter optins, alerts, and more to your WordPress sites. You’ll make popups that are unintrusive, focused, and targeted to the right audience. The plugin also allows you to add some social proof to your site. It will trigger when someone makes a purchase through WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.  As they put it on their website, Holler Box sets out to communicate your messages effectively without being annoying. In this video we create 3 different holler boxes.

Create Easy Popups

By creating popups that stay out of your content’s way, you can have unintrusive ways to inform your visitors. Getting people to sign up for your newsletter creates another way to connect with them and deliver content or convert sales. Top banners are a way to simply inform without changing the entire layout of your home page or adding an annoying overlay. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to use Holler Box for WordPress to create 3 different popups using the plguin:

  • A Top Banner
  • A Bottom Right email optin
  • A “Live Chat” feature

You will also learn how to connect a MailChimp account. You can easily funnel email optins to your subscriber lists. And the best part of that most of the functionality is free!

Try Out Holler Box

The plugin has a free version available on the WordPress repository so you can install it like you would any other plugin. If you like it, why not try the Pro version? After searching for a good solution for getting more newsletter optins, Holler Box has emerged as the best for what I want to do.

Check out Holler Box for WordPress