Why I chose LearnDash as my Learning Management System

Why I chose LearnDash as my Learning Management System

Choosing the right tool can always be a daunting task, especially when its technology you’re going to base your business on. If you choose wrong, you might end up wasting a ton of time switching. My friend Shawn Hesketh has some horror stories about that! When I started WordPress in One Month, I came very close to having a similar horror story with my Learning Management System.

The Wrong Tool

Originally, I was going to use Sensei, WooCommerce’s Learning Management System (LMS). Since WooCommerce would be the base for my shop, it seemed like a great fit. I wanted to stay away from code as much as possible for this project, because I wanted to spend time developing courses instead.

It became apparent from the very beginning that Sensei had no significant work done on it in some time, and I was going to write some code anyway. Luckily, that’s when Justin from LearnDash messaged me. He asked me about using their platform. I gave it a try and was instantly impressed.

LearnDash to the Rescue

What drew me into LearnDash at first was how they were proactive and supportive of the WordPress community. The next big draw was all of the custom code I had to write for Sensei had native support in LearnDash!

Their excellent feature support meant I wouldn’t have to write a single line of code, allowing me to focus on course creation; that should be the goal of any LMS.

My main feature requests (aside from creating courses I could break into lessons and modules – or topics in LearnDash) were:

  1. Widget showing course outline
  2. Widget showing course progress
  3. Ability to sell courses and link them to WooCommerce products
  4. Ability to bundle courses for memberships

LearnDash supports all of this, either out of the box or with free add-ons.

Tuned into the Online Learning Space

The other big draw for me was how in-tune with the online learning space the folks at LeanDash, especially Justin, are. They blog daily, and consistently offer great advice for anyone selling courses online. That’s value you won’t get from a lot of places.

Sticking with LearnDash for my Learning Management System

Over a year in, and I’m super happy with LearnDash. They’ve made some HUGE strides in 2017 (with things like Private Sessions and Video Progression) and they continue to add even more value to a very valuable plugin. I can’t wait to see what they do in the next few months.

If you’re thinking about starting an online course and need a way to sell it, I would strongly recommend LearnDash.