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WP in One Month is looking for companies to partner with to offer high quality training courses that reach a large audience.

Focus on what you do best

If you offer a WordPress theme, plugin, or service, we want you to focus on making it the best it can be. Let us handle the training & documentation, so you can do just that.

Our courses focus on how users can take WordPress and make great things with it. While we try to stay as general as we can, we know our members would benefit from training on specific plugins and themes. These can be in form of lessons within a bigger course or their own stand alone courses.

Deep, Continuous Connections

You will also have the opportunity to cultivate deep, continuous, and more personal connections with a focused audience.

Where events like WordCamps allow for a vast and general reach, WP in One Month can reach likely potential users who have an interest in your product or service.

By making the sessions readily available online, the content has the potential to continuously reach & train new users all the time.

If you offer a WordPress theme, plugin, or service, we want you to focus on make it the best it can be. By letting WP in One Month handle the training, you can do just that.

  • Get training videos and scripts developed specifically for your product, white-labeled and ready for you to use
  • Offer your customers a live training sessions
  • Collect feedback from real users


yr6kekbtJoe is a phenomenal teacher, and has the ability to break down otherwise complicated topics, making them easy to understand. In these courses, he’ll guide you through the process of building sites from scratch, explaining each step in simple, straightforward language that’s perfect for beginners.

Shawn Hesketh, Creator of WP101.com

rzenJoe is one of the best people you can find to teach you about WordPress. His real-world experience working with the Fortune 100 combined with his classroom experience as a college professor make him the perfect fit for teaching this course. You won’t be disappointed!  

Brian Richards, WPSessions

AYfhYv3ZJoe is an eloquent presenter and a gifted teacher. He was able to identify the friction points new users have with Beaver Builder and efficiently explain how to overcome them. His video webinar has become our go-to resource for new users that want to quickly get up to speed with our product.

Robby McCullough, Beaver Builder


  • 2-3 Videos added to one of our courses
  • Overview of your product or service
  • Recognition on website, social media, newsletter


  • A Short (3-5 lesson) Course
  • In-depth Tutorial on using your product to create a website
  • Sold on our Site + White Labeled Videos
  • Recognition on website, social media, newsletter


$2900 starting
  • This program is perfect for those looking for customized training, one-on-one coaching, or company-wide workshops.
  • We will create a tailor-made program that works best for you, your users, or your employees.
  • Exclusive Rights to the White Labeled Videos

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