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Educational Program for K-12 & Higher Ed

WordPress powers 28% of the web*. As it continues to grow in popularity, teaching students how to use it in schools is becoming more valuable. We offer Task-Driven WordPress courses where your students will learn how to make websites by actually making websites. Whether you need lesson plans or practical exercises, look no further than our educational program.

Help Your Students Learn by Doing

With our educational program, your students will be creating, real, tangible websites from scratch. They will learn invaluable skills by following clear, time-tested instructions and tutorials. And the courses will save you time.

Pilot the Educational Program!

We're looking for 3 Institutions to pilot our program. In return you will get:

  • Lifetime access for a one-time fee of $1996.00 (as opposed to annual renewals at more than double that)
  • A more consistent feedback loop to ensure students and instructors are benefiting
  • The ability to shape the program moving forward
  • A permanent place on our website as a Maiden Voyage Partner

Our Entire Catalog

Our educational program is designed to help you develop great lesson plans and help students. Our Courses serve as complete lesson plans for creating WordPress websites from Start to Finish. Because of that, we offer unlimited access to our entire catalog

WordPress 101 Videos

To make sure you and your students are covered from start to finish, we also offer access to intro videos by WP101 through a protected area of our site

Downloadable Course Material

Want to put our text and videos in your own LMS? No problem! With the educational program, you will get access to download all content created by WP in One Month

*Available only at the "Unlimited" level

Premium Support

We offer premium support to instructors so you can best support your students, including monthly face-to-face meetings

Feedback & Influence

Everyone in the educational program will have the ability to give feedback, improve our courses, and influence future courses

Free Teacher Accounts

Teachers get a free account to review the courses and mold the content the way they want for their classrooms.

Educational Program Pricing:

Our program is $99/Student/year, which is a discount of over 60% if you buy the courses individually.

We also offer Unlimited Access for any number of students, we well as downloadable access to use outside of our website for $4958.00/year. 

For the Pilot Program, you will get Lifetime, Unlimited Access for $1996.00. This means any number of students and access to any future content we put out!

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