You Build Your Product. We'll Train Your Customers.

Task-driven courses aren't the only thing we do. We help companies like yours train customers so you can focus on what you do best - create great products. 

Live Webinars with Q/A Sessions

In-Depth Courses focused on a Specific Goal

Custom Documentation & FAQs

Focus on What You do Best

By partnering with WP in One Month for training videos and courses, you will:

  • Get to concentrate on making your product the best in can be.
  • Have clear, focused videos developed and recorded by a tried and true educator.
  • Preempt the most common support questions so you can help those who need it most.
  • Spend less time on process and documentation
  • Have a functional final project that shows off your product.

The Process

  1. Discovery: We will talk to you about the goals of your product and the problems it tries to solve. Once we know why it exists, we can create an outline that focuses around that.
  2. Concept: Once we have the why, it's time to figure out the what. What exactly are we going to build in order to communicate your product properly to those who take the course?
  3. Outline: Up next, we'll figure out the how. Working with you, we'll create an outline of all the topics we need to cover to get from zero to finished product.
  4. Script & Record: With outline in hand, we'll create the scripts and the videos. The scripts will be transformed into written documentation.
  5. Review & DeliverFinally, you will review the course, we'll make adjustments as needed, and you'll get the full, white-labeled videos and all documentation.

"An Eloquent Presenter"

AYfhYv3ZJoe is an eloquent presenter and a gifted teacher. He was able to identify the friction points new users have with Beaver Builder and efficiently explain how to overcome them. His webinar has become our go-to resource for new users.

Robby McCullough, Beaver Builder

"My Highest Recommendation"

We contracted Joe to create a mini-video series for our customers and it has made an immediate impact for both our customers and for us. Our support team no longer has to answer as many questions around basic configuration, and our customers are able to get set-up quicker. As someone who has spent their entire career in the training industry, I give Joe's training service my highest recommendation.

Justin Ferriman, LearnDash

Our Packages

Our packages are priced based on finished video and exclusivity. If you're looking to introduce new people to your product, the Undergrad package is the way to go! If you have customers you want to go a little deeper with, the Graduate package will give them a better understand of everything you have to offer. And if you need something like internal training, need a deeper course, or want complete exclusivity, check out the PhD package.


  • 1 Live Webinar - Free for Attendees
  • Video uploaded to our YouTube Channel
  • White Labeled post-production video for you to use
  • Overview & tutorial of your product
  • Recognition on website, social media, newsletter
  • Email List of Attendees


  • A Short (4-6 video) Course about your product
  • We will use the above process to determine how to best develop the course
  • In-depth Tutorials on using your product to create a fully functional project
  • Sold on our Site + White Labeled Videos for you to use as you'd like
  • Recognition on website, social media, newsletter


$2987.00 starting
  • 60 minute Live Webinar to promote your product that's free to attend
  • 7-15 Video Course for training people on how to use your product
  • A tailor-made program that works best for you and your users, using the above process.
  • Exclusive Rights to the White Labeled Videos
  • Email List of Webinar Attendees

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