Task-Driven WordPress Courses

Task-Driven WordPress Courses

Task-Driven WordPress Courses

WP in One Month creates task-driven courses for WordPress to help you achieve your specific goals. Need to create a custom blog or build a site with Beaver Builder? We got you covered. Each course takes only a few hours, and you don't need to know code to take them! 

Meet Your Instructor: Joe Casabona

Joe Casabona is a Front End Developer, Instructor, & Course Creator. When he’s not writing code, he's teaching people how to build things with and for WordPress. He also hosts a weekly podcast called How I Built It, where he interviews product developers and business owners about how they create. As a big proponent of learning by doing, he loves creating task-driven courses to help students achieve specific goals. In addition to the profession stuff, he loves Star Wars, Disney, smoking cigars, and playing the drums. Learn more.

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"He Brings his Heart"

Joe brings more than his knowledge & intelligence - which is substantial - to his work.

He brings his heart and that empathy is what makes him brilliant.

Chris Lema, VP of Products at Liquid Web, Daily Blogger

"One of the Best"

rzenJoe is one of the best people you can find to teach you about WordPress. His real-world experience working with the Fortune 100 combined with his classroom experience as a college professor make him the perfect fit for teaching this course. You won’t be disappointed!

Brian Richards, WPSessions

"A Phenomenal Teacher"

Joe is a phenomenal teacher, and has the ability to break down otherwise complicated topics, making them easy to understand. In these courses, he’ll guide you through the process of building sites from scratch, explaining each step in simple, straightforward language that’s perfect for beginners.

Shawn Hesketh, Creator of WP101.com

"An Eloquent Presenter"

AYfhYv3ZJoe is an eloquent presenter and a gifted teacher. He was able to identify the friction points new users have with Beaver Builder and efficiently explain how to overcome them. His webinar has become our go-to resource for new users.

Robby McCullough, Beaver Builder

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