Up and Running with Beaver Builder

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The best way to learn a page builder is by building! In the Up and Running with Beaver Builder course, you’ll start with a blank canvas and create a full website for the fictitious travel agency, Millennium Flights.


The Beaver Builder Course for Everyone: Create a site in half the time for a fraction of the cost!

Beaver Builder is a tool that allows you to get up and running with a website in minutes, not weeks. With Beaver Builder, you will create stunning, eye-catching websites with minimal effort so you can focus on running your business.

But that’s not all! Its robust infrastructure gives you the flexibility that anyone from novice to seasoned programmer can appreciate. If you don’t know how to code, you can create beautiful sites. If you’re a coder, you can extend the plugin easily to make it even more powerful. It’s a great tool for everyone in the WordPress space.

4 Lessons, 19 Modules

Over 2 Hours of Content

Lifetime Access

What Will I Do?

The goal of all of our courses is to learn by doing, here’s a rundown of what you’ll do in this course:

  • Learn how the WordPress Editor Works
  • Get to know the common terminology
  • Choose icons and walk through all the settings
  • Decide on a theme
  • Learn how to choose fonts and colors that look good
  • Customize the Beaver Builder Theme
  • Create rows and columns
  • Use Beaver Builder pre-made templates
  • Make your own templates
  • Use modules like the slider, photo gallery, posts, call to action, pricing table and more
  • Embed Google Maps
  • Add a Contact Form
  • Get a full guide of all the modules and what they do
  • Build this site:

Who is This For?

The Beaver Builder Course is for anyone who is using (or thinking about using) Beaver Builder and wants to get the most out of it. It has a wide appeal to a big audience due to its flexibility and quick turnaround time. Some of the people who might take this course are:

  • Freelancers who need to put together websites quickly and cheaply
  • Nonprofits who can save some money by building their site on their own
  • Developers who want to spend their time innovating and less time on layouts
  • Frontend Developers who have created a great theme but want a bit more flexibility on specific page layouts
  • Business Owners who don’t want to rely on developers to make eye-catching changes to their websites

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